Kilim Pillows 16x48

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Kilim Pillows 16x48

One of the most interesting factors associated with the kilim pillows 16x48 is that they all are unique in the sense that they all are hand-woven. So if you are searching for a nice and unique hand-woven cushion than you should be aware of the fact that they contain the effort and the hard work of a long time period with hands only. This is the main reason behind the unique and diverse pattern of the colorful cushions.

Weaving tapestries, carpets, and rugs are one of the works that human accomplishes from the earliest times. At the base of the Turkish rug, is a yarn extending vertically and horizontally, which combines at right angles to form a pillowy texture. When we look at the past of carpet art, we see that the forerunners are the mesh technique and the loop techniques. In the net braid technique, the yarn is knitted to the ceiling with the help of a gauntlet. In the stitch technique, box-stretched yarns are separated by the front and rear sections with the help of intervening rods, and yarns stuffed together are looped with the help of handles to bring weaving filament. The first goes to prehistoric times and is seen and used in all the societies ranked from the most primitive to the most advanced. Starting with a fish net with the help of primitive man's animal bones, samples are spread from the Pacific all the way to South and North America, Africa and Asia to the Far East and Australia. With the same technique, baskets, bags, kilims are today extensions of this old technique of humanity. The second technique, known as ancient Greece, has been used since the time of Egypt, from the bronze age to the present day.