B00098 Turkish Wholesale Kilim Rug Fabric Cover 20x20


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  • Size: 20x20 inches / 50x50 cm.  Measured while the cover is not stuffed.
  • Materials: Front side is vintage Turkish handwoven wool and cotton kilim panel between 40 to 90 years old.
  • The backside is 100% Cotton Beige or Grey tone colored fabric with a hidden zipper.
  • We only offer the cover! No insert pillows or materials included.
  • Contact us for wholesale.
  • SKU: B00098

About B00098 Turkish Wholesale Kilim Rug Fabric Cover 20x20

In fact, such products have emerged with recycling. In a little, it was produced by chance. The reason is that people do not think to produce pillows by kilims or rugs. Yes, tapestries were produced for laying down, making a tent, or hanging to the wall against the cold. However, over time, these products have been worn out due to use and deformations have occurred in some parts. Because of the fact that it is a hand-knitted product and completely natural materials have been used, these products have high labor and therefore value. Moreover, as such fabrics are used, their colors and textiles have a better appearance and color tone. When this is the case, it is obviously not logical to dispose of it in the other part because of a deformation in the partial place. At this point, various techniques have been used to reuse the solid part and a lot of new products have emerged. Bags, cushion covers, wallets, jackets.

SomKilimPillows carries partial deformed items which were bought from town people and tapestry traders to our production plant in the Kayseri City of Turkey. First of all, the process is washing products. The washing process is both for stains and for hygiene. With purely plant-based and non-perfumed shampoos, we try to make the product clean as if it had never been used. If we do not get the result of the hygiene and cleanliness we want in the first wash, SomKilimPillows makes the pre-washing process. The washed parts are dewatered with the help of the machine and we complete the drying process under the sun. Drying under the sun makes both microorganisms disappear and colors more vivid. However, one of the most important issues to be considered during washing is that colors do not mix. Each dye and color of each rope is created by its own techniques, so each product is different in its washing. Some use hot water and some use cold water. Some need less shampoo, some needs more shampoo. The washing time is also variable. A product should be washed in 15 minutes and not in 3 hours. Improper permanent faults can occur in the products as a result of incorrect washing.

Products that have been cleaned are classified according to their quality and location. The most effective points at the pricing point are material quality, color, pattern, and locality. For this reason, products that will have the same pricing are classified first. Then, with the least waste, we calculate the measurements we can take from the parts and the cutting process is started. At this point, when we cut a hand-woven and old product into pieces, they all become different and another product with exactly the same pattern is very difficult. Therefore, our hand-woven products are only 1 piece each at SomKilimPillows. In fact, this is what makes our products different. The same product you own will not be in another. You can use SomKilimPillows products everywhere. In your home (living room, guest room, kitchen, chair or armchair), at your workplace, for hotel decoration, cafe, saloon, wedding organizations, all kinds of decoration and souvenir shops and furniture stores.

Kilim pillows and cushions have garnered a lot of attention in the global interior designing industry of late. Countries such as The US, Canada, The UK, Japan, Australia, and a few European nations are increasing their demand and intake of these products with each passing day. But what exactly are these have become such an in-demand home décor item and what is so different and special about them that has caused this hullaballoo? Well, find out here.  

At their very core, are an embodiment of Turkish art, craft, and history. They are manufactured from various materials such as cotton, wool, silk, etc. Some manufacturers traditionally even use threads made out of horse or goat hair!

But what’s even more outlandish is that these pillows, cushions, and covers are made from hand-woven materials that are at least about 50 years old! Manufacturers collect old hand-woven Kilim cloth (usually carpets or rugs) and then refurbish them to make high quality, beautiful products that are fit for modern use. These vintage materials are primarily used as cushion or pillow covers and some of them date back to as far as the last decade of the 19th century!

Why you should buy them?

Just looking at a few images of products would give you reason enough to want to buy one but if you are one of those who are attracted by prose more than poetry then here are a few reasons why you should buy them.

Great decorative objects

These are fantastic options to add to your ‘Home décor’ shopping list. Their inherent beauty and stylishness make for a wonderful decorative object. And you can fit them anywhere too. On the sofa, on the bed, like an armrest; they just fit in! They are class personified and their charisma, elegance, and simplicity are certain to charm your visitors.


To go with the visual treat that it provides, it is also very comfortable to use. These are soft, fluffy and you can tuck them in pretty much anywhere you want. If you have an allergy to wool, please think twice before buying. They are rigid yet comfortable. Definitely not the worst option to lay your head on!

Available in a variety of colors and designs

Products come in various shapes and sizes. They are vibrantly colorful and there is a host of hues that you can choose from. We also give you the option to customize your design and pick the colors you want.

Thoroughly reconditioned

A vintage piece of Turkish kilim cloth goes through rigorous reconditioning before being used for making a cushion cover. They are thoroughly cleaned to ensure all stains are removed and they are restored up to the standards required to be used for manufacturing.

Part of ancient culture and history

Turkish civilization and culture are one of the oldest ones known to mankind. Kilim fabrics are a part of ancient Turkish traditions and using them gives you a feeling of being connected to that world. They are just heritage stuff!

Each one of them is completely unique

Now every piece of vintage Turkish Rug was woven by Turkish women years ago without conforming to any prescribed patterns or designs. What it means is that every fabric was designed according to the weaver’s own creativity. And hence, every single unit of a kilim rug fabric won’t have another of a similar design anywhere in the world and the item that you’d own would be unique and one of its kind!

These are genuinely one of the finest designed and most beautiful among all cushion options out there.

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