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Vintage kilim cushions 24x24 pastel cottage

Vintage kilim cushions 24x24 pastel cottage

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Vintage kilim cushions provide a unique, timeless touch to any room. These 24" x 24" pastel kilim cushions offer a beautiful cottage atmosphere, allowing you to both relax and add a unique element to your space. Ideal for use as floor cushions or for decoration, these cushions will fit any aesthetic.

Bring a splash of adventure to your living space with these stunning vintage kilim cushions. Richly textured with vivid pinks, purples, greens, and blues, these 24" cushions will transform your home into a pastel cottage, daring you to explore the depths of its exotic beauty. Dare to try!

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your home with these vintage kilim cushions. Crafted from colorful textiles and hand-picked patterns, these 24x24 cushions will make a bold statement while adding softness to your living space.

Stay on trend with these charming vintage kilim cushions for your 24x24 cottage! Perfectly pastel, they'll add vintage vibes and cozy comfort to your space - plus, they're sure to be the envy of all your fellow cottage-dwellers! Awww, shucks.

Experience sophisticated and exclusive decor with these vintage kilim cushions. Crafted with pastel colors and a cottage feel, these cushions will beautifully infuse any space with a touch of elegance. With a unique blend of materials and a timeless design, these 24x24 cushions will add a timeless feel to any room.

Kilim Pillow Cover Size: 24x24 inches / 60x60 cm.

Turkish Pillow Case Materials: Vintage Turkish handwoven kilim rug panel (40-90 years old) on the front, 100% cotton fabric on the back with a hidden zipper.
Pillow sham  only, no insert pillows or materials included.

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Perfect Turkish item for, vintage, boho, bohemian, ethnic, tribal, rustic, southwestern, authentic, antique, shabby chic, modern decor styles.


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