Turkish Kilim Pillow Wonderland Decorative

Turkish Kilim Pillow Wonderland Decorative

Turkish Kilim Pillow Wonderland Decorative

When you buy a Turkish Kilim Pillow Wonderland Decorative online from Som Kilim Pillows, we ship it right away for fast worldwide delivery. We can also put your special notes on the Turkish Kilim Pillow Wonderland Decorative if you would like to use it as a gift for your parents or friends. Som Kilim Pillows have the largest inventory and there are thousands of options including Turkish Kilim Pillow Wonderland Decorative. If you are not looking for retail prices, please do not hesitate to contact us by live help or email on the contact page.

Description for Turkish Kilim Pillow Wonderland Decorative PB026

Size: 20x20 inches (50x50 cm.)

Material: 100% Natural Cotton

Front side: Kilim pattern PRINTED sturdy cotton fabric 3.2 LBS per Square Yard

Backside: 100% cotton fabric with the hidden zipper.

Stuffing pillow is not included.

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Information for Original Kilim Pillows:

We are creating each handwoven kilim pillowcase with vintage kilim rugs. So all of our handwoven kilim pillow covers are unique and one of a kind.

Definitely, there are many similar kilim pillows in our shop but exactly same is never possible.

Custom orders are welcome. Just contact us and let's create your kilim pillows together.

  • US$ 15.00

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