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Kilim pillows, particularly inside Anatolia and Iran, have not exclusively been proceeding to create their own town patterns yet have started to deliver kilims that reproduce the organizations and shades of the past with shifting degrees of achievement and, in this manner, esteem. The town origin creation has proceeded, however, the standard of weaving has declined and utilization of common traditional colors or conventional blends of colors is significantly less regular. The town weavers of today don't have sufficient energy or tendency to weave a quality rug, for the quicker the weaver can complete her work, the sooner she can offer it and purchase a fridge or TV for her home. In one town, with no power supply, carried on a weaver who had purchased a cooler, gladly put it in the family room and filled it with all her most valuable belonging.

A rug at the heart of the Social Relationship: In Eastern societies, as in the case of tapestry usage, social function and artistic dimension are tightly connected. As such, a young girl will gain more respect through her talent and skill when she prepares the wedding dress dowry. Those applicable to the future bride also apply to other members of the community. Even the level of a person, even an important person, is often measured by the beauty of their weavings. But rug or carpet weaving is not an individual business. That is why it is very important to help. Neighbors contribute to the establishment and dismantling of relatives' countertops. Often two people create items together with her mother, the sister, the daughter, or even the neighbor. In the meantime, it does not stay back from giving the latest news and commentary. The tradition goes on as a result of these ties. Little girls usually learn to weave kilim pillows from their grandmothers or their mothers. Others come to appreciate the progress of the work and do not miss that crucial moment to take it out of the bench, partly to save it from kilim rug loom. They do not hesitate to report and tire.