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Wholesale Pillows

Wholesale Pillows

Yes, wholesale kilim pillows are the most stylish objects that helps you in making a statement. In simple words, vintage kilim rug fabrics allow you to combine different designs, colors, and ideas to get a creative look of an area. All you need is to mix and match the beautiful and playful colors to get or create an amazing look. Our shop, Som has the largest kilim pillow inventory on the internet. You can find many retail and wholesale options in our store.

Beautiful kilim patterns

Beautiful kilim patterns

Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, a beautiful kilim pillow cover pattern catches everyone’s eyes in an instant. With the changing lifestyle trends, our requirements have been changed. However, the use of a pretty kilim to enhance the beauty of our rooms has not decreased. Som has been a part of industry over several years. During this period, we have established ourselves as the company that never compromise on the quality. Moreover, we mastered the art of forming high-quality kilim pillow fabrics with beautiful rug motives patterns and designs on kilim.

Handwoven pillow manufacturer

Handwoven Pillow Manufacturer

The manuacturing of kilim pillow is an art element. It is not just about washing, cutting and sewing. As you know, the fabrics we use in the production are vintage and hand-woven kilim. Before giving more information about production, actually knowing the differences and details of objects will enable us to have a greater understanding of the subject. A pillow manufacturer has to take into account all these producing details.

Vintage kilims

Vintage Kilims

Turkish women have produced weavings and textiles for centuries, as they did not have machine-made floor coverings in the past. Kilim was used not only as floor coverings, but also as protection from the cold, tents and dowries that they will take to their new homes when they get married. With the developing technology and the change in the way of life of the people, the production of hand-woven kilims and rugs has decreased significantly and the cost of the new products is very high. So when we produce a pillow with a vintage kilim, these vintage kilim pillows are appeared.

Kilim Fabric Pillows

Kilim Fabric Pillows

Our raw materials are collected from all provinces and villages of Turkey and delivered to us. The kilim fabric coming to Som factory are first put into disinfection and washing process. They are all anonymous art, and weaving techniques, threads and patterns are always unique. The bird pattern used in one region differs in the other region. Kilim weaving techniques, patterns and colors are very important in determining which region the kilim belongs to.

This fabric can be woven only in the same region show some similar characteristics. Because the women who make the weaving have always been in contact with each other and exchanged ideas to produce more beautiful. This situation, albeit partially, has created a standardization situation. However, we should know that none of kilim is exactly the same as another. Even if the weaver person is the same, there is always a difference between the kilims she weaves.

How to wash pillows

How to wash Pillows

The most important factor we pay attention to in the washing process of the kilim pillows that reach our factory is the colors of the products. There is a risk that some colors may mix into other colors if they come into contact with water for a long time. These colors are generally red, blue and black. For this reason, the washing process of a pillow should be done very quickly. Otherwise, the red color on the pillows can be distributed to the lighter colors or the white floor. For this reason, we recommend you to wash the kili pillow covers you are considering to buy by professional dry-cleaning companies.

Kilim Panels

The most challenging and artistic stage in the transformation of Turkish kilim into pillows after washing is the cutting step. It is very important that a kilim to be cut is marked and drawn by a person who really understands art. Because it is an art to imagine what kind of product and pattern will come out while drawing panel before it is formed. The most important factor is to be able to capture the most suitable pillow pattern, color and shape among hundreds of drawing algorithms and that can attract customers' attention. For this job, it is necessary to know the tastes and design techniques of the people. Because a random drawing will affect the visuality and appeal of the pillows, as well as causing too much waste in the manufacturing phase.

We need to draw the panel to be cut, approximately 1/2 inch larger than exact pillow size we want to obtain. This should be a seam allowance. Taking into account that this 1/2-inch size will remain on the inside of the pillow, it will contribute to producing the most magnificent kilim patterned cushions. After the marking process is finished, the cutting process is also completed. Thousands of panels Som has obtained are now the raw materials of the pillows we will produce. We avoid including faulty and damaged areas in our panels as much as possible. What Som call deformation in a kilim is punctures, tears and decays. The vintage and wear appearance of the threads and fabric does not mean that the product is damaged or faulty. Their wear is all related to their vintage and natural appearance. These worn kilims are the most important indicators that they have a historical meaning.

Backing of pillows

Backing of Pillows

Som creates a zippered backing for pillow covers to place the filling material into the back of pillows. They are woven thick compared to fabrics, so double-sided production is very difficult. For double sided items, our size should be very large. It should be at least 32 inches so that 2 panels can be sewn together securely and have a beautiful view. For this reason, we only produce pillow covers with a kilim panel on one side. We sew special covers on the back sides where the filling material can be put.

The fabric Som use in these covers is completely cotton, and we prefer to use a suitable thickness fabric with the kilim thickness. We do not use lycra fabrics and polyester-containing fabrics in order to have a beautiful appearance when the pillows are filled with the insert material. The colors we use in the back cover fabric are generally beige and gray. We do not use vivid and bright colors as much as possible. Because the appearance of the pillow pattern is natural, we take care to ensure that the backing is natural-looking and harmonious as possible.

Perfect Kilim Shams

Perfect Kilim Shams

There are many tricks to choose perfect Turkish kilim pillow case.

Embellishing is probably the least demanding approaches to infuse style into your lounge, family room, or bedroom. Also, since there are so numerous reasonable, lovely products are accessible, it's a disgrace to avoid any and all risks with only a few strong shaded pillow cases or more awful, to restrict yourself to the set that accompanied your sofa.

The principal thing to recall is that your Turkish pillow doesn't need to coordinate. Truth be told, you can accomplish a more expert, in vogue look on the off chance that they don't. In case you're not happy with your capacity to pick, the accompanying tips will assist you with blending and match new examples or potentially hues, permitting you to rapidly revive your stay with a look that is composed yet not matchy-matchy.

There are many approaches to blend and match kilim, and it's actual, at times it takes a rehearsed eye. It is conceivable, however, for room in which not a solitary single objects coordinates another in shading, example or style to even now look amazingly cleaned and present day. In the event that you don't have the opportunity or tendency to examination or shop that much, the Rule of Three is the ideal equation to manage your decisions and improve the cycle.

High Quality Kilim

High Quality Kilim

One of the most interesting factors associated with the high quality kilim pillow sham is that they all are unique in the sense that they all are handwoven. So if you are searching for nice and unique pillow then you should be aware of the fact that they contain the effort and the hard work of a long-time period with hands only.

This is the main reason behind the unique and diverse pattern of our luxury kilim. So if you are planning to go shopping to buy high-quality pillow sham for your boring old sofa then there is no better choice than us. Contact us and we will come up with something that catches sight instantly. We have with us a wide variety sham to choose from and with that, we also have the uniqueness that is preserved and carry forward to several years.

So come with the uniqueness and only high quality in mind. We assure you that you are going to buy best sham fascinating and attractive for your home.

Pillow Materials

Pillow Materials

The materials that are used in the manufacturing kilim pillow are wool, cotton, silk, horse and goat hair threads. However, these are not only providing rigidity but also give luxurious texture to any other room. Our perfect kilim pillow covers have garnered a lot of attention in the global interior designing industry of late.

Countries such as the US, the UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, and a few European nations are increasing their wholesale pillow demand and intake of these products with each passing day. These are amazing pillows that come in different shapes (square and lumbar), and with the sizes of 16x16, 18x18, 20x20, 24x24, 32x32, 10x20, 12x24, 16x24, 16x48.

Printed Pillows

Handwoven Pillows VS. Printed Pillows

Which pillows are better for you? Home decoration or interior architecture is one of the most developed and enjoyable in the world and always open to innovations. There are many different objects used in home decor. Determining and selecting the most suitable pillows according to style and field by the designer is a very important and difficult task. Materials used 50 years ago are now very popular. The underlying reason for this is very interesting and sad.

Due to the development of technology, artificial replicas of many home decoration objects were produced. As a decoration material, replicas were produced too. People who use artificial counterparts, in time, actually understand how harmful these products are to human health. And people now prefer to use natural articles before technology.

Tribal pillows has 3 main materials. Wool, cotton and silk. Because of silk is an expensive material, wool and cotton were used usually to create pillows. Usually cotton yarn was used as warp and wool yarn was used as weft.

Because of weavers are unknown freelance artists, you can see a 100% cotton on pillows as well. Actually there are some disadvantages and advantages between handwoven and printed versions. If this was woven with wool yarn, and if you have allergy to wool yarn, you may choose printed kilim pillows.

But if you are looking for a historical, vintage and unique object then your choice must be handwoven kilim pillows.

Choosing right pillows

Choosing right pillows

Home is where the heart is. After a long day’s work or activities of the day, everyone wants a good and inviting place to go back to. Love can make a home good. And having someone special to go back home to can make the idea or thought of a home. But that extra touch that a home needs to make it inviting and something to show off to friends and family need to be done by a bold decor.

Choosing the right kilim pillows for home decor can be such a daunting task. There are simply too many cover options to choose from. But the most important thing is that your home decor should be a reflection of who you are. It should also be something that you are very cool and comfortable with, otherwise, the whole point of the decor is moot.

Whether your intention is to decorate a single room or the entirety of your house, there are many pillow styles and themes to choose from. There’s an almost endless pick of kilim colors, prices, decorations, and finishes. And although the permutations are nearly infinite, it is important to focus on a definite kilim theme for your decor.

If you are new to decorating, and you are not very sure about what to do and how to go about it, it is important that you start with the most basic thing, which is the cost. Unless you have millions of dollars to splurge on your home decor, you might want to keep your choices narrowed down to something that you can afford, without stress or strain to your purse or your budget.

It would be very foolish indeed to have to mortgage your house to pay for the decor in it. Stay within your budget. And once that is settled, you can pick from any one of these kilim pillow styles, staying within your budget the whole time.