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Turkish Kilim Pillows Wholesale & Vintage Cushion Covers Retail

16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Decorative Home Accessories Burlap Pillows Asian Furniture Chair Pillow Cas..
US$ 5.00
Kilim Pillows Venomous Coral Brown Floral Traditional Motives SOLD OUT
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Furniture Accessory Furniture Pillow Rustic Decor Moroccan Cushion Bedroom..
US$ 15.00
Kilim Pillows Wholesale Eskimantas Bench Duck Head Green SOLD OUT
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Throw Pillow Outside Footstools Couch Pillow Cases Moroccan Pillow Covers O..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Bench Pillow Covers Large Rug Large Kilim Floor Cushion Outdoor Pillow Boho..
US$ 5.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Indoor Outdoor Carpets Country Decoration Boho Room Outdoor Carpets Antique..
US$ 8.00
Kilim Pillows Amazing Turkish Case Pink Black Sandglass Geometric SOLD OUT
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Ethnic Throw Pillows Colorful Throw Pillow Kilim Floor Pillows Boho Chic Pi..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Nursery Decor Boho Chic Cushion Embroidered Throw Pillow Rustic Chair Strip..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Antique Oriental Rug Pillow Chevron Pillow Shams Bedroom Decor Retro Pillow..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Turkish Rug Pillows Accent Throw Pillows Furniture Pillow Tribal Furniture ..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Bohemian Home Large Sofa Pillow Covers Turkish Pillow Cases Outdoor Ottoma..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Gypsy Fabric Kilim Cojin Boho Chic Cushion Outside Ottomans Unusual Cushion..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Furniture Cushion Retro Rugs Nursery Decorations Kilim Decorative Pillows B..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Victorian Pillows Retro Rug Kilim Pillow Covers Tapestry Throw Pillows Bed ..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Antique Rugs Modern Pillow Antique Kilim Pillow Ethnic Pillow Sham Easter P..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Striped Pillow Covers Sitting Cushion Home Furnishing Bohemian Fabrics Extr..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Boho Fabric Handmade Pillow Shams Decorator Rug Striped Outdoor Pillows Cro..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Sitting Cushion Tribal Pillow Case Bohemian Fabric Rustic Pillow Case Pillo..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Unique Pillow Covers Throw Pillow Cases Vintage Decor Embroidered Pillow Ca..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Green Kilim Pillow Cheap Rug Tapestry Rugs Knitted Pillow Covers Country De..
US$ 15.00
Kilim Pillows Gozcu Unique Decor Orchid Purple Chevron Down SOLD OUT
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Kilim Cushions Wool Pillow Cases Antique Oriental Rug Pillow Rug Pillow Cov..
US$ 15.00
20x20 inches (50x50 cm.) Geometric Throw Pillow Rustic Pillows Floor Cushion Oriental Rug Pillow Uni..
US$ 21.00
20x20 inches (50x50 cm.) Embroidered Cushions Nautical Home Decors Eclectic Designs Vintage Kilim Cu..
US$ 21.00
20x20 inches (50x50 cm.) Country Home Decors Kilim Seat Cushion Handwoven Carpets Gypsy Decor Bohemi..
US$ 21.00
20x20 inches (50x50 cm.) Hippie Cushions Pink Kilim Pillows Indie Pillows Ethnic Garden Furniture Be..
US$ 21.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Turkish Kilim Pillows Turkish Throw Pillows Cuscino Kilim Throw Pillows Org..
US$ 13.00
10x20 inches (25x50 cm.) Rustic Fabric Nursery Decorations Bench Cushion Cover Eclectic Furniture Ho..
US$ 11.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Vintage Pillow Cases Striped Pillow Covers Primitive Pillow Case Bohemian R..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Eclectic Decor Gypsy Fabric Embroidery Pillow Cases Victorian Pillow Unique..
US$ 11.00
12x24 inches (30x60 cm.) Bohemian Pillows Cheap Geometric Pillow Covers Bed Pillow Sham Gypsy Pillow..
US$ 10.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Handmade Rug Western Furniture Cuscini Kilim Oversized Throw Pillow Wool Ru..
US$ 15.00
20x20 inches (50x50 cm.) Nursery Rug Kilim Pouf Pillows Kilim Style Pillows Kilim Lumbar Pillow Cove..
US$ 21.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Urban Throw Pillows Tapestry Pillows Gypsy Bedroom Decor Room Furnishing Mo..
US$ 15.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Bohemian Designers Modern Pillow Cases Rustic Pillow Cover Extra Large Cush..
US$ 15.00
20x20 inches (50x50 cm.) Primitive Decorations Oversized Cushion Retro Pillow Sham Southwestern Deco..
US$ 21.00
12x24 inches (30x60 cm.) Modern Pillow Cover Wool Rug Stripe Outdoor Pillow Modern Pillow Case Bohem..
US$ 17.00
12x24 inches (30x60 cm.) Garden Decorations Geometric Pillows Bohemian Cushion Covers Bed Pillow Cas..
US$ 17.00
12x24 inches (30x60 cm.) Organic Throw Pillows Boho Living Rooms Stripe Pillow Sham Rustic Throw Pil..
US$ 16.00
16x24 inches (40x60 cm.) Bohemian Pillow Cases Decorative Pillow Bed Red Kilim Pillow Turkish Kilim ..
US$ 19.00
16x16 inches (40x40 cm.) Country Primitive Decor Designer Pillow Kilim Seat Cushions Floor Pillow Ca..
US$ 15.00
18x18 inches (45x45 cm.) Ethnic Rugs Geometric Pillow Shams Tribal Cushions Large Floor Pillows Floo..
US$ 15.00

Browse, find and enjoy great collection of Turkish kilim pillows & vintage cushion covers at Somkilimpillows with the cheapest retail and wholesale prices! A beautiful trend of using recycled hand-woven fabrics that not only give an extra to your space but also increases the overall look of the room.

What are kilim pillows?

These are the most decorative and stylish pillows. The material that is used in the manufacturing of garnet kilim pillows is wool, cotton, silk, horse and goat hair threads. However, these not only provide rigidity but also give luxurious texture to any other room. Mahogany kilim pillows and cushions have garnered a lot of attention in the global interior designing industry of late. Countries such as The US, The UK, Japan, Australia and a few European nations are increasing their demand and intake of these products with each passing day. These are the pillows that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are looking for the most elegant and stylish fashion that can help you to show off your home's appearance, then dijon kilim pillows are here for you! But what exactly are these hickory kilim pillows and cushions that have become such an in-demand home décor item and what is so different and special about them that has caused this hullaballoo? Well, find out here.

More about kilim pillows and kilim cushions

Kilim pillows, at their very core, are an embodiment of Turkish art, craft, and history. But what’s even more outlandish is that these pillows, cushions, and covers are made from hand-woven materials that are at least about 50 years old! Manufacturers collect old hand-woven Kilim cloth (usually carpets or rugs) and then refurbish them to make high quality, beautiful Kilim pillows and cushions that are fit for modern use. The kilim cushions are hand woven, beautiful, attractive which give a new life to sofas and other places. A perfect match for your old looking places in the home. It is one of the best ways to add something warm and textural to any interior. These cushions also made up of the woven, wool threads. These give an amazing texture of Turkish heritage. These vintage materials are primarily used as cushion or pillow covers and some of them date back to as far as the last decade of the 19th century! Kilim cushions come in various shapes and sizes. They are vibrantly colorful and there is a host of hues that you can choose from. So if you love to have something traditional, then kilim cushions are the perfect choices for your heaven!


Kilim pillows and cushions-A perfect choice

The best hand woven, colorful and attractive kilim cushion covers are no doubt provide an extra elegance to your simple room. However, if you actually need to give stylish, warmth and cozy texture to the overall appearance of the place, then all you need to transform the place with beautiful and stylish kilim pillows and cushions covers.

Moreover, these awesome kilim cushion covers add something in beauty to your room. However, also daze your all friends and family members. These pillows not only look attractive but also cover in high quality which gives an amazing eye catchy look to your furniture.

Along with that these cushion cover will juice up your small sitting sofa and give a wow factor. That’s actually what you need. Isn’t?

A home is a place where we find our peace. Our home portrays our style statement and gives others a glimpse of our aesthetic senses. To enhance the beauty of our homes we try various tricks and tips regarding decorations and furnishing. Cushions have been the part of home decorations from various centuries. Moreover, over the years there importance and charm have not decreased a bit.

Part of ancient culture and history

The Turkish civilization and culture are one of the oldest ones known to mankind. Kilim fabrics are a part of ancient Turkish traditions and using Kilim pillows gives you a feeling of being connected to that world. Shamrock kilim pillows are just heritage stuff!

Each one of them is completely unique

Now every piece of vintage Kilim fabric was woven by Turkish women years ago without conforming to any prescribed patterns or designs. What it means is that every fabric was designed according to the weaver’s own creativity. And hence, every single unit of a Kilim cloth won’t have another of a similar design anywhere in the world and the Kilim pillow that you’d own would be unique and one of its kind!

Boysenberry kilim cushions and juniper kilim pillows are genuinely one of the finest designed and most beautiful among all cushion options out there.


Somkilimpillows- Your one-stop shop for awesome kilim pillows

Whether it is a living room or a bedroom, cushions with beautiful covers catch everyone’s eyes in an instant. With the changing lifestyle trends, our requirements have been changed. However, the use of the beautiful and decorative cushions to enhance the beauty of our rooms has not decreased. We have been the part of this cushion industry over the several years. During this time period, we have established ourselves as the company that never compromise on the quality. Moreover, we mastered the art of forming the high-quality cushions with beautiful motives and designs on them. We use the traditional crafting of the handmade cushions so that you get the desired look for your sitting room or the bedroom.

Over the passage of time, our customers have put their precious trust in us that we only provide goods that are of high quality with excellent customer services.


Who are Som kilim pillows?

Baki Somyurek established Som kilim pillows in 1973. Our company is one of the most known manufacturers of kilim pillow covers in Turkey. We export our adorable kilim cushions to The United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and the UK. After the 2000s we also started collecting hand-woven vintage kilim rugs and carpets to create kilim pillow case. We were selling Turkish kilim pillows online Marketplaces until 2017, with the names of Decolic and Som kilim pillows. Our shop has more than 15.000 unique buyers, and we already delivered thousands of Turkish kilim pillow covers to our customers. Because of high commissions and some other reasons of online marketplaces, we decided to run our own website to serve our customers with better conditions. From now on you will be able to buy cheap kilim pillows with better prices. It means prices have not any commissions for the 3rd party. This is the benefit to kilim pillows wholesale buyers. Briefly, you will pay only for kilim cushion covers you will buy. We are producing not only Turkish pillows or Turkish pillow covers. Maybe a history and culture. Of course, we are not able to know the age of vintage kilim pillows, but we know most of our Turkish throw pillows are 50-60 years old. Sometimes there are 90-100 years old ones as well. Let’s talk about some specifications of kilim rugs and cushions. We wash all kilim throw before we start lining and cutting. So, there won’t be any dirt on a kilim rug. Maybe most important thing some kilim cushion covers still have stains on although washed. These are nature of vintage kilim pillow covers. We use the best machines and technique to stitch oriental rug pillows with 100% cotton fabric for the backing. A hidden zipper will allow replacing kilim pillow sham insert pillow or stuffing material easily. We produce square and lumbar kilim pillow shapes and many sizes. Also, you can find kilim footstools in our shop. Finally, ironed all Turkish kilim cushion covers and added to stock. We realize the pricing of our Turkish pillows according to their colors, patterns, and materials. We take photographs of the kilim lumbar pillows from the exact product. But different screens affect the appearance of the colors such black, blue, red, pink, yellow, white. For this reason, we recommend that you check the product images on another monitor as well. When you buy a kilim pillow from our shop, we usually ship all orders in next business day by courier services from Turkey. No problem if you live in Australia, USA, UK, Canada or NZ. We already delivered to NYC, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Los Angeles and etc. We usually deliver all our Turkish pillow covers in 5 business days to your address. We are sure it is really great idea to carry kilim pillow for BOHO, bohemian, eclectic, southwestern, rustic, retro, tribal, ethnic, country, farmhouse, Aztec, shabby chic, hippie, gypsy, couch, sofa, outdoor, oriental, antique, cottage, urban, unusual, primitive decor. For more information please do not hesitate to write us from live chat, contact page or dial our phone numbers.


The team that offers the best

We have with us the team that never say never to good work or satisfying the diverse customer needs. We keep our staff updated regarding the latest trends and the fashion so that you get only the latest and nothing else. With the talented and dedicated team, we have conquered the diverse customer market regarding the cushions. It is the known fact that choosing cushions for your favorite sofa is the most difficult task. As you have to decide according to the colors and the designing of your sofa.

 Moreover, the design and the colors may seem difficult to match. However, it is not impossible at all. We have with us a wide and mad variety of cushions to satiate your fashion needs. Also to add an attraction factor to your living room and the sofa laying there.


100% High-quality kilim cushions

One of the most interesting factors associated with the daffodil kilim cushions is that they all are unique in a sense that they all are hand-woven. So if you are searching for a nice and a unique hand-woven kilim cushion than you should be aware of the fact that they contain the effort and the hard work of long time period with hands only.

This is the main reason behind the unique and diverse pattern of the colorful kilim cushions. So if you are planning to go shopping to buy the beautiful kilim cushions for your boring old sofa then there is no better choice than us. Come to us and we will come up with something that catches sight instantly. We have with us a wide variety to choose from and with that, we also have the uniqueness that is preserved and carry forward to several years.

So come with the uniqueness and only high quality in mind. We assure you that you are definitely going to find something really fascinating and attractive for your home.


Can I get 2 from the same kilim pillows?

We are really sorry, exactly same is not possible for hand-woven items. Because front panels were already woven 50 to 90 years ago. We are not weaving them today. Because of kilims were woven freely by hand there is not any standard for patterns or colors. So each kilim pillows are unique and one of a kind. Anyway, there are similar items in our shop because we cut panels from same kilims. Also, we have printed kilim pillows stock with multiple quantities. But please note printed versions are woven cotton fabric but they are not handwoven. If you are looking for vintage & hand-woven kilim cushions then please choose and match similar items from our shop's original kilim pillows section.


How to make kilim pillows?

Let's learn kilim pillows DIY technics!

Firstly you will need to define kilim pillows size. Size of pillow varies while it is stuffed or empty. So if you want 16x16 inches pillow so you must create 18x18 inches pillow cover. By the way, kilim pillows in our store measured before stuffing. So please buy a larger size if you want exact size when stuffed. You will need fabric to cover back of kilim and also for stuffing part. This fabric may be cotton, linen or velvet. We usually use 100% cotton beige fabric for our production. You will need double times larger fabric than kilim panel. Also if you would like to put a cover for hidden zipper part you can add extra 2 or 3 inches to the fabric measurement. If you are planning to create square kilim pillows then zipper needs to be large as one edge of the panel. Because short zippers will cause problems while replacing stuffing material. Because of kilims are sturdy materials, we recommend you to use a professional machine for stitching. Ironing is the key point to show kilim pillows edges better. If you would like to create kilim pillows professionally then you will need overlock stitch machine against fraying risk. Also, it is possible to make kilim pillows with hand stitch but this will take a long time to finalize the job. We also supply vintage kilim panels to our buyers with the requested size. For more information please contact us.