Kilim Pillows

Kilim pillows by Som are the most beautiful trend of using recycled hand-woven fabrics that not only give an extra to your space but also increases the overall look of the room. The material that is used in the manufacturing is wool, cotton, silk, horse and goat hair threads. However, kilim cushions not only provide rigidity but also give luxurious texture to any other room. Turkish kilim cushion covers have garnered a lot of attention in the global interior designing industry of late. Countries such as The US, The UK, Canada, Japan, Australia and a few European nations are increasing their wholesale demand and intake of these vintage Turkish kilim pillow shams with each passing day. These are the amazing products that come in different shapes (square and lumbar), sizes (16x16, 18x18, 20x20, 24x24 etc.) and colors.

If you are looking for the most elegant and stylish fashion that can help you to show off your home's appearance, then kilim pillow covers are here for you! But what exactly are these piece goods that have become such an in-demand home décor item and what is so different and special about them that has caused this hullaballoo? Well, find out here! Kilim is a flatwoven Turkish traditional vintage tapestry. There are 2 different types in our shop. These are original and printed. Original is one of a kind decorative objects which are created by vintage, handwoven and unique kilim rugs, and we create printed versions by taking the photo of original ones and printing them to a blank cotton fabric which is similar to original kilims. 1st photo is from original and the 2nd photo is from printed created by 1st. The feature of the original is they are unique and exactly the same is never possible. And specialty of printed is they are 100% cotton and not itchy.

You can find many different style outdoor decor kilim pillows in our shop and the neon blue striped medallion is Deveboynu region-specific. The colors on these cushions are the first ones to be noticed in the environment. Main colors of this pillow are red, orange, black, and blue.SIZE & CONSTRUCTION:Size: 16x24 inches / 40x60 cm. (Measured when not stuffed.) Material: Front side is 40 to 90 y..
US$ 26.00
Turkish Kilim Pillows Oriental SOLD OUT
Oriental Turkish kilim pillows will be a unique solution for you if you think you need an innovation in your home decor or you are bored with the current home decor. It is something you can earn a lot of decor with a small fee. Red, orange, black and gold colors will make a woven flower effect to your home. Oriental geometric motifs on these fabulous oriental pillows have all different meanings an..
US$ 14.00
Before buying decorative kilim pillow please put it on a sofa or couch by imagining. We are sure this product will fit your need by its features. Whenever allowed, these examples and themes keep on keeping a unique place in the way of life and custom of the clan, in spite of the fact that themes complete have a tendency to lose their unique importance after some time. The superstition, imagery, an..
US$ 14.00
Kilim cushion patterns were prepared by using animal, vegetative and geometric prehistoric motifs have always been used with knotting technique in handmade carpets. The double knot, known as the "Turkish knot", is a characteristic feature of handmade kilim rugs. Although the compositions and designs are developed, items are produced by sticking to historical and traditional characteristics. Hand-w..
US$ 16.00
Kilim pillow covers superstition pattern keeps on assuming a functioning part in the exclusively lives of the Muslim individuals. To a great extent a deposit of pre-Islamic sensibilities, much superstitious conviction joyfully exists together close by the fundamentals of Islam. In Turkey, a generally Western-disapproved of a couple will append a dot (a blue dab that ensures against the hostile sta..
US$ 24.00
A graduation from reed screens to woven woolen Duzsaylan kilim pillow sham no doubt guaranteed when the Turkish travelers moved over the Iranian level to Anatolia and found that the slim, hard stems of steppe grass used to make reed screens were not anymore accessible. They would have thus needed to adjust to making pillowcase utilizing the same conventional designing of geometrical shapes with th..
US$ 27.00
In our shop, our Alaattin kilim pillows are available at wholesale prices. Some of they have Alaattin's magic lamb pattern with orange, purple, pink and red colors. And this is one of the samples of Alaattin pattern. We regret to inform because of this item is one-of-a-kind and only one piece so we could not offer multiple quantities with wholesale conditions. But it is possible to match some othe..
US$ 19.00
Don't worry if you live in an apartment, one of our a kilim pillow case in our shop will bring bohemian vintage style to your apartment living place. Like the nomadic people, the villagers weave textiles for domestic use, to make their lives both more comfortable and more colorful. Existence is otherwise harsh. Most villages have no paving on their streets, and in winter rain and snow turn the ear..
US$ 19.00
Complete your lounge decor with bohemian kilim pillows. Today home furnishing stores have a huge selection of bohemian decor hardware from where you are able to easily pick up the perfect one for your lounge. Once you have found out which item to select for reupholstering your lounge decor, you will need to receive all the supplies for doing the exact same. You may not have the cash for streamline..
US$ 16.00
A pastel kilim pillow sham with stripes will be exclusively for your old couch or sofa. All the weavers of the numerous and fluctuated clans and gatherings included are joined by their Muslim confidence. In spite of the fact that the level weaving of floor coverings pre-dates the happening to Prophet Muhammed, the Islamic religion has given migrants and villagers an arrangement of presence that a ..
US$ 25.00
Kilim pillow construction workmanship is the most important factor in designing a room with the bohemian decor. This product has a great workmanship. It is so sturdy to use on the floor or outdoor decor, because of this Turkish tapestry was woven for bohemian decor, it has natural wool yarns and the wet may deform the texture and colors. Although ancient sources, wall and vase paintings, depiction..
US$ 14.00
Baby blue colored Turkish kilim pillow is one of a hard to find the wool bohemian product. It was woven with wool and cotton yarns. But mostly cotton yarn was used. Blue, orange and red colors are woven with cotton yarns. On the blue ground, there are 2 swans colored pink and yellow. Pink swan is female and yellow swan is male. These are appx. 50 years old merchants, and there wasn't any technolog..
US$ 19.00
Some kilim pillows have enthusiastic red, black, forest green colors on it. The spinning of the wool: Spinning is extremely difficult and apparently endless errand, generally done by all the network, just the Qashqai view spinning is exclusively ladies' work. Not all fleece utilized as a part of kilim carpets business is hand-spun, for there is a financial preferred standpoint in purchasing machin..
US$ 14.00
Som is the Er of kilim pillows. We manufacture high-quality superb products in Kayseri City, Turkey. Er is a Turkish word and the meaning is a talented person who knows the job well. Turkish cushions are one of our professionally created first items in our shop and we named it Er. The gaps between the patterns are filled with a contour yarn of a different color, with the rugs being framed by the t..
US$ 19.00
Colors of this bohemian style kilim pillow cover are brown, brick red and black. In some regions, such simple kilim weaving looms can be seen that despite the loquat, the work actually done is nothing but the appearance of yarns. Within the development line, two types of bohemian weaving looms have emerged. On the vertical throw pillows bench, two long sideboards with notches form a frame with two..
US$ 19.00
Do you know why we love a bohemian Turkish kilim pillow? Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism have been the three principal religions of the Turkish kilim cushion world, and the images identifying with these convictions have been profoundly imbued into the kilim rug weavers' innovative reasoning. The connection between the positive and negative shape in the example is most clearly show in the first T..
US$ 16.00
A Turkish kilim pillow sham in 20x20 inches will be a perfect cover for a 24x24 euro size. Before everything, we have to check meanings of patterns, motifs, and symbolism of the Turkish rugs to understand its value. The matter of translating outlines on rugs has given Western gatherers confounding issues. While trying to take after a sensible method of examination concerning the importance bolted ..
US$ 26.00
If you would like to own a bowing flower patterned kilim pillow so you want this multicolor item. The procedure of rug weaving was produced in different areas of the world in various circumstances. There are numerous chronicled references to weaving and the bohemian art nature. The historical backdrop of the rug weaving procedures of unique gatherings will never be known. Materials spoil and crumb..
US$ 19.00
Turkish Kilim Pillows Wholesale Georgiana Zackary is here for you to buy from our online store. As we are also supplying to importers with wholesale prices, we also offer retail to our customers. You can buy 100 item at one time or 1 piece. There is not any problem for us. The pattern is Georgiana Zackary style stripes. Styles are Turkish art, classical pattern, modern decor, ottoman style. Types ..
US$ 13.00
If you are adventurous of oriental decoration, the chartreuse tone of sky blue kilim pillows will meet your needs. It has already one-of-a-kind softness if you like soft kilim pillows. Rich spring colors such as red, green, orange will add intense decor idea for your living room.SIZE & CONSTRUCTION:Size: 16x16 inches / 40x40 cm. (Measured when not stuffed.) Material: Front side is 40 to 90 yea..
US$ 19.00
This orange aesthetic kilim pillow rug cover is the finest woven product in our shop. For this reason, it is slightly more expensive than other examples of the same size. It is adorned with a very elegant process like a needlepoint. A very thin fragment used for construction. So you may be surprised how a thin weaving is it when received to your address. Coming from Konya region and weaving style ..
US$ 15.00
This is another great sample of southwest kilim pillows to add bohemian decor for your home. It will be sold tomorrow maybe sooner than tomorrow. Don't miss this vintage bohemian rug slipcover. Southwest individuals are extremely conventional bohemian individuals, so their bohemian rugs are moderately restricted in plan and arrangement. Comparative outlines and structures are utilized by all the s..
US$ 19.00


Home decoration or interior architecture is one of the most developed and enjoyable in the world and always open to innovations. There are many objects used in home decor. Determining and selecting the most suitable material according to style and field by the designer is a very important and difficult task. Materials used 50 years ago are now very popular. In fact, the underlying reason for this is very interesting and sad. Due to the development of technology, artificial replicas of many home decoration objects were actually produced. People who use artificial counterparts, in time, actually understand how harmful these products are to human health. And people now prefer to use natural articles before technology.
For example, people who used to use wool beds in the past preferred beds and quilts made of polyester fiber with technological progress over time. However, as a result of this use, due to skin diseases and other health problems, wool bedding and duvets are preferred again. People who once used natural pillows, such as the example we have adopted, have turned to goods containing polyester with the advancement of technology, and it is shortly understood which of the lacquer is more valuable. As well as the disadvantages of the merchandise before the technology, there are absolutely disadvantages in the forms after the technology. The choice is yours. In fact, you will choose which disadvantage you will accept in the election. We offer you 2 main genres. Handwoven & Printed.


Who are we?

Baki Somyurek established the company in 1973 at Kayseri - Turkey. Our company is one of the most known manufacturers of handwoven carpets and rugs. We export our merchandise to The United States, Europe, Japan, Australia, and the UK. After the 2000s we also started collecting hand-woven vintage kilim rugs to create our valuable stock. We were selling by online Marketplaces until 2017, with the name of Decolic. Our shop has more than 15.000 unique buyers, and we already delivered thousands of our orders to our customers.
Because of high commissions and some other reasons for online marketplaces, we decided to run our own website to serve our customers with better conditions. From now on you will be able to buy at better prices. It means prices have not any commissions for the 3rd party. This is the benefit to wholesale buyers. Briefly, you will pay only for cushion covers you will buy. These are not only pillow covers, they are pieces of Turkish history and culture.


How we manufacture?

If you wonder how we manufacture, the first step is we wash all kilim rugs to start lining and cutting. So, there won’t be any dirt on a kilim rug. Maybe the most important thing of manufacturing, some kilim cushion covers still have stains on although washed. This is very natural, a stain may become part of the kilim because it is waiting on it for many years. We use the best machines and technique to stitch them with 100% cotton fabric for the backing. A hidden zipper placed while manufacturing will allow replacing insert or stuffing material easily. We produce square and lumbar shapes and many sizes. Finally, ironed all production and added to stock. We realize the pricing of our items according to their colors, patterns, and materials.
We take photographs from the exact items. But different screens affect the appearance of the colors such as black, blue, red, pink, yellow, white. For this reason, we recommend that you check the images on a different monitor as well. When you buy from our shop, we usually ship all orders in the next business day by courier services from Turkey. No problem if you live in Australia, USA, UK, Canada or NZ. We already delivered to NYC, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Toronto, Los Angeles and other cities rapidly. We usually deliver all orders within 5 business days to your address. We are sure it is a really great idea to carry some of our flawless sweeties for your BOHO, bohemian, eclectic, southwestern, rustic, retro, tribal, ethnic, country, farmhouse, Aztec, shabby chic, hippie, gypsy, couch, sofa, outdoor, oriental, antique, cottage, urban, unusual, primitive decor. For more information please do not hesitate to write us from live chat, contact page or dial our phone numbers.


Wholesale Kilim Pillows

If you would like to buy kilim pillows at wholesale prices, we are always glad to serve you. Actually, we already offer the most competitive prices and delivery charges in our shop. However, if you would like to establish a long-term wholesale relationship with our shop then we will be happy to offer our best on the wholesale basis. Please firstly register on our shop then add items to the cart which you would like to buy. Then let us know your country, item quantity, the total price for items and delivery charges. Then we will check if there is an opportunity for you to pay less. Usually, we are not able to offer more than a 15% discount. Thank you for understanding us.


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Nicole B. - Rye, NY, US

I love these rugs and pillows! Gorgeous!



Carol R. -  Westfield, NC, US

Looks great on the sofa.



Brittnie L. - Honolulu, HI, US

Great pillow, wonderful quality, and fast shipping.



Julie W. - Scottsdale, AZ, US

came quickly and the quality is absolutely wonderful!



Ava W. - Collierville, TN, US
amazing craftsmanship! very pleased with the purchase!



Rachel M C. - Kansas City, MO, US

Such great quality and arrived very fast!