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Blue Red Yellow Lumbar Modern Tribal Pillows F00102 12x24 " - 30x60 cm.

Blue Red Yellow Lumbar Modern Tribal Pillows F00102 12x24 " - 30x60 cm.

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  • Size: 12x24 inches / 30x60 cm. (Lumbar)  Measured while the pillow cover is not stuffed.
  • Materials: The front side is a vintage Turkish handwoven wool and cotton kilim panel between 40 to 90 years old.
  • The cushion backside is 100% Cotton fabric with a hidden zipper.
  • We only offer the cushion cover! No insert pillows or materials included.
  • Cushion Pattern: Lumbar Southwestern, Vintage, Ethnic, Boho, Southwest, Victorian
  • Cushion Style: Lumbar Outdoor, Tulip, Moroccan, Turkish, Persian, Anatolian, Orient
  • Usage: Sofa, Couch, Bed, Livingroom, Bedroom, Saloon, Office, Hotel, Bench
  • Main Cushion Colors: Red Blue Orange


First of all, we would like to point out that this Kilim Pillow Cover is made of hand-woven vintage Kilims and all the details that you may request during the production stages are taken into consideration.
For example, before starting the manufacture of pillow cases, we collect the old hand-woven Kilims from Turkey's villages, passing the washing and cleaning processes in automatic machines with natural soap and water. The most effective cleanser that can be used in cleaning is soap and water. After the cleaning process, which lasts for approximately 3 hours, we do the drying process under direct sunlight and prevent any mites, germs, bacteria or viruses from forming in our products. If you want, you can watch our washing process from the link below.

The most important feature of our sale and cheap throw pillows is that the Kilims were woven 50-60 years ago and they are not the same. In other words, there may be similar colors in terms of patterns but never the same. Moreover, even if new pillow case is made, their colors can never be in the same shades. For this reason, it is a very unique and perfect pillow cover according to its usage areas. And the artist who weaves the Kilim is unidentified by Turkish women. The patterns, motifs, and colors on pillow cases reflect the feelings, thoughts, and moods of women weaving Turkish Kilims & Rugs.

Kilim patterns:

Kilim patterns consist of motifs that take place in the mind of every Turkish teenager. We encountered different types of sale Kilim Rugs in many houses, and we dreamed about these patterns and dreamed of many. It would not be wrong to know that they have broad meanings for these patterns that can make the human mind completely different. In this context, we consider both to offer you interesting Kilim Rug patterns and to explain the meaning of the patterns.

Each sale Rug motif is designed for a purpose on its own. Each of these patterns, which has an important place in Turkish history, has been made meaningful over the years and designed to make a contribution to human beings. These patterns, which have survived to the present day, refer to our soul and our life.

The eagle motif is a motif that we often see in sale Rugs and cushions. This motif represents strength and might. It is one of the important symbols of Turkish history.

Abundance is symbolized in this motif in order to be protected from evil. While the point in the motif represents the family, symbols like horns symbolize the men and women, the main elements of the house.

Although the dragon motif does not appear on too many cheap Rugs, it is a different motif in terms of meaning. This sale Rug and cushion pattern, based on the Far East, was built with the belief that it brought rain.

The hairband motif is seen on the Rugs and cushions of young girls. This motif, which symbolizes the desire to marry, uses it very meaningfully in the past and works as a pattern that helps find spouses.

As it is known, Amulet leads to the elimination of bad effects. It is believed that it prevents the arrival of bad events. Today it is used on many Rug and kilim cushion patterns.

The hand motif symbolizes fertility in Turkish history as in the history of every nation. This Rug is used because it is believed to bring abundance when placed in the house decorated with patterns.

Pitrak, a symbol of fertility, means a lot of flowers. It is believed that with Pitrak, abundance and fertility will come to the house.

The chest carpet pattern symbolizes the chest of young girls we see today. It is believed that this chest contains valuable items.

The bird is one of the important symbols of Turkish history. The use of a nightingale symbolizes good luck.

The tree of life motif, which is one of the global motifs in Rugs and cushions , of course, symbolizes eternity. It is believed that with eternal life, people will be happier.

Aries horn symbolizes power and masculinity in our history. In this Kilim Rug pattern that explains how to be strong, we can find the combinations of nomadic culture in Turkish society.

Anatolia has hosted the history of our country for many years. Here, important elements of culture are kept and presented to the value of the local people. Anatolian Rug and kilim cushion motifs are one of them. The motifs are blended with culture and made to look nice to people. In this section, we will present our different collections to you.

What is the raw material of Kilim?

Our Kilims are generally woven with wool and cotton threads. Yarn dyeing was done 50-60 years ago with plant-based dyes. In fact, the most natural Pillows you can find in the world are Kilim Pillows. If you are allergic to woolen products, we also have Kilim pattern printed cotton Pillows that we produce from Kilim patterns. We recommend you to try sale kilim pillow covers and kilim cushion covers.

Where do we sell our Kilim Pillows?

We only sell our Kilims and Kilim Pillows online at We do not have any connection with stores such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wayfair, or Ikea. In fact, in the past, we had shops on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy. However, due to the high commissions, we decided to continue our trade on our own site in order to offer our customers higher quality products at a more affordable sale and cheap prices. We use PayPal as the online payment system. You know that PayPal is currently the most used, safest and easiest online payment system in the world.

Where and how can Kilim Pillows be used?

You can use Kilim Pillows wherever you can use normal Decorative or Throw Pillows Cases. It is also suitable for outdoor use with its strong and solid structure. However, moisture and water can damage the product. For this reason, you should take care not to forget the Pillow in the rain. You can use Pillows on the sofa, couch, bed, floor, office, anywhere you want. Our kilim cushion covers, which are produced in different sizes (large & small), are unique to decorate any kind of place.

Which countries do we ship our products to?

We ship our kilim pillows and rugs to all countries. Especially USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong, Iceland are our main sales countries. Our company has delivered Kilim Pillows to 81 different countries and more than 50.000 customers until now. We are happy to see you among our pillow case customers.

Why you should buy them?

Just looking at a few images of kilim throw pillows would give you reason enough to want to buy kilim pillows but if you are one of those who are attracted by prose more than poetry then here are a few reasons why you should buy sale kilim rug pillows.

Great decorative objects

Kilim Pillows are fantastic options to add to your ‘Home décor’ shopping list. Their inherent beauty and stylishness make for a wonderful decorative object. And you can fit them anywhere too. On the sofa, on the bed, like an armrest; they just fit in! They are class personified and their charisma, elegance, and simplicity are certain to charm your visitors.


To go with the visual treat that it provides, it is also very comfortable to use. These are soft, fluffy and you can tuck them in pretty much anywhere you want. If you have an allergy to wool, please think twice before buying. They are rigid yet comfortable. Definitely not the worst option to lay your head on!

Available in a variety of colors and designs

Products come in various shapes and sizes. They are vibrantly colorful and there is a host of hues that you can choose from. We also give you the option to customize your design and pick the colors you want.

Thoroughly reconditioned

A vintage piece of Turkish Kilim Pillow Cover fabric goes through rigorous reconditioning before being used for making a cushion cover. They are thoroughly cleaned to ensure all stains are removed and they are restored up to the standards required to be used for manufacturing.

Part of ancient culture and history

Turkish civilization and culture are one of the oldest ones known to mankind. Turkish Kilim fabrics are a part of ancient Turkish traditions and using them gives you a feeling of being connected to that world. They are just heritage stuff!

Each one of them is completely unique

Now every piece of vintage Turkish Rug was woven by Turkish women years ago without conforming to any prescribed patterns or designs. What it means is that every fabric was designed according to the weaver’s own creativity. And hence, every single unit of a Turkish Kilim Rug Pillow fabric won’t have another of a similar design anywhere in the world and the item that you’d own would be unique and one of its kind!

These are genuinely one of the finest designed and most beautiful among all Wholesale Kilim Pillow Cover and Kilim Cushion options out there.

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